A damaged flood during 2015 Chitral Flash Floods in Pakistan.. Picture by Syed Harir Shah

TRANSCEND Seminar: The ground reality of “success” in resettlement projects

A happy and healthy New Year to all of our followers, supporters and collaborators. We’re starting 2022 next Thursday 20 January with a TRANSCEND Seminar: The ground reality of “success” in resettlement projects – the role of community engagement.

Married with concepts such as “build back better”, at least on paper, planned resettlements can be a blessing for some communities. Less risk exposure, enhanced level of resilience, better living conditions are some of the benefits that resettled communities are often promised, and also best of the times, the policymakers do genuinely attempt to deliver these when planning resettlements. However, is this a true reflection of the ground reality of the “success” of resettled communities?

Many studies on the subject suggest that the “success” of these resettlements, at least from the perspective of the affected communities, is often less than satisfactory. This is often attributed to the complex issue of managing community expectations, and one of the toolsets which have been used traditionally to overcome this issue is the process of “community engagement”. However, are we using this toolset appropriately? Is it delivering the expected results? These are some of the questions often get asked in resettlement projects post evaluations. Within this context, in this session, we explore the ground reality of “resettlement success” using two cases and discuss the role of “community engagement” from the perspectives of the communities and the policymakers.


Dr Iftekhar Ahmed, Associate Professor – Construction Management/Disaster Resilience, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Newcastle, Australia.

‘Building Urban Resilience in Informal Settlements: A Case from Dhaka, Bangladesh’

Mr. Kishan Sugathapala, Director, Human Settlements Planning & Training Division, National Building Research Organisation, Sri Lanka.

‘Post Disaster Resilient Housing Constructions in Sri Lanka – with special reference to the flood and landslide’


Please note: all times are based on UK times. Please adjust to your local geographic time zone.

09:15 am: Registration and event open.

09:30 am: Welcoming the participants – Dr Kaushal Keraminiyage, Programme Director, Research Centre for Disaster Resilience, University of Salford.

09:35 am: Speaker 1: Dr Iftekhar Ahmed, Associate Professor, University of Newcastle, Australia.

10:05 am: Q & A Session 1.

10:15 am: Speaker 2: Mr. Kishan Sugathapala, Director, National Building Research Organisation, Sri Lanka.

10:45 am: Q&A Session 2.

11:00 am: Closing Remarks: Dr Sara Biscaya, Head of Architecture and Design, University of Salford.

11:15 am: End of Session.

Please note: the event opens at 9.15 am and starts at 9:30 UK time. The event is online and the link will be sent before the event date.

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Simon Hadfield

Simon Hadfield

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